The Riding Pants

New In: The Riding Pants

Finally i got the Riding Pants. been thinking abt havin them for a while.
Well, Eventually! haha
First of all, i have to admit that American Apparel clothes are very comfy.
i love the tees, the skirts, the disco pants so much.
My first Disco Pants are S size but i dun think they are tight enuf
and before i ordered the riding pants i read the reviews
most ppl said that they are the same size as the disco pants.
so i decided to buy XS thats why
When i first saw the Riding Pants i was so afraid that i couldnt get myself in them
cuz they were sooooo tiny. yes tiny like effing tiny!
but they perfectly fit. except for one thing.
they squeeze my waist so much very much haha
But, sometimes if u wanna be pretty be chic be cool u hav to tolerate! haha
but its sort of ok when i walk, i will unbutton when i sit (only in the car na ja haha)
if u already got the disco pants, i recommend u buy the riding pants.
they are very chic. different style from the disco pants.
kind of a softer look. Like!
Check out American Apparel site here
i like tan, safari and green color! :D

Topshop eagle wings top, American Apparel The Riding Pants in Safari, Loafers from HK

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  1. this is cute! I've been eyeing the riding pants for a while now too... lol

    Jackie from GlitterandScissors...

  2. may i ask u abt this riding pants?
    i search abt the size of this pants and i'm not sure which size will fit me perfectly..s or xs
    can u help me?

    1. If ur not that skinny , i would suggest u go for s. cuz xs is very small. I hav the xs n they are too tight for me. Im 161cm 45kg 25-26inches (waist)

  3. Hello,
    I'm interested in buying this riding pants
    But could you tell me what are you hip measurements?
    I think I'm the same size as yours, and how much do they stretch?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. sorry for the late reply. the riding pants.....they don’t stretch much.
      and i’m 161cm 45kg 25-26 waist 32-33 hip
      hope this helps ^^

  4. I'm a UK6 and 167cm 45kg 27/28 waist. Should I get the XS or S?

    1. i think s would be more comfortable. sorry for late reply tho ;)


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