Merry Christmas

Did you enjoy your Christmas time? :D



Faux Fur

I wish i could wear faux-fur in Bangkok >.<


oh... u hav to click the button “CLICK HERE TO READ MORE” below to read the rest of the post.
i did this just to make the posts in the front page quite shorter.
bcuz i think its kinda too long due to the fact that i upload quite lots of photos.
then enjoy girls! :)


BaanEkamai Grand Opening

as i’ve told u last time that i was going to the grand opening of the “new shopping place”,
which i just knew its name recently that it is “baanekamai”
also it has its own website > here BaanEkamai .
due to the fact that my boyfriend forgot the camera at home we couldn’t get to take any ‘nice’ photos.
so sorry for u guys but my photos instead laew gun haha
and also sorry for their quite poor quality :’(

For yesterday... so many coool people went there
everyone dressed up sooooo nice! chobbb ah! :)

o..it is such a short post.. hahah
will update again soon
i have to leave now in order to be a nerd for at least a week :P
hope y’all good luck w ur exammmmm
i’ll keep my fingers crossed for myself tooo :P

w p.pum the owner of cocue (i like her style sooooooo much! and the whole outfits she wore yesterday!)


New Shopping Place

today i had a chance to go to a new shopping place at Thonglor.
bcuz my bf intended to buy a shirt. but of course we ended up with more than just a shirt.
this new shopping place contains 3 boutiques: Cocue, Heidi’s Secret and Him&Her.
In Cocue, the clothes are more like vintage, if u like vintage style u should go there.
there are clothes for both men and women.
and Heidi’s Secret, formerly at Siam.
lastly, Him&Her, its co(iguess)-owner is P’Paloy Horwang.
i love this boutique so much (n probably the most)
some clothes she designed herself and others are vintage (clothes are both for men and women)
u gotta come see them all urself and u will fall in love with them like i do.
oh and one thing.. the upper floor is an italian cafe which is not finished yet.
But all boutiques including the cafe will be officially opened this wednesday.
and i think i’ll go :) (and will take some nice photos toooo)




what do u think about the parka? (plus military? :P)

now its supposed to be winter in bangkok!
and its supposed to be, at least, a little bit cold!
but where is the breezing wind? hmmmm!!
i just wanna wear the jacket the blazer the parka...hm!!
so Mrs.Winter could pls at least visit bangkok for just a few days?
i wanna feel some so-called coldness.

Well, even though i can’t wear the jackets the parkas the blazers,(due to the hot weather in bangkok)
it doesn’t mean that i can’t enjoy seeing other people wearing them, right?
Now i’m also kinda..sometimes...not much...into the parka and the military looks. :D
so enjoy the pics ;)




its been a long while since i updated my blog and i feel like my blog starts to feel deserted.. haha
so i guess its time!
Right now, i kinda like maxi skirts and pencil skirts.

But....do u think they are weird?
i mean weird to wear in Bangkok? some people may say so...
cuz one day i wore my maxi skirt out - and that day i felt like a lot of people stared at me...
i dunno if those lookings were bad or good.

well, anyway... i like the skirt! i felt different when i wore it.
i think if i get bored of wearing shorts and jeans, wearing maxi (long-lenght) skirt can help! :D

from whowhatwear.com


Girls’ Best Friends

lately (or forever?) i have been so into jewelry.. not that kind of girly diamond, flowers, birds like manita amanita’s not because they aren’t beautiful, actually they ARE, but because they are SO NOT me!  so what i like are silver rings, spiky studded bracelets etc.. sth like that...

i love wearing “too many” rings and bracelets..
one day my friends asked me how many rings i wore in one hand
i said “7, but that was just ‘bao-bao’” haha
some people may say...less is more but to me.. MORE IS MORE
is jewelry great? u can wear as many rings or bracelets as u like...but can u carry more than 3 bags per time? :p haha dont think so...

let me show u what kind of jewelry that i’ve been into recently...



The First Ever*

hi, my name is Sugar....and this is my first fashionblog if u wanna call it so haha..
but i think it is much more like my personal-style blog than fashionblog
cuz i’m quite not a person who follows the fashion trend... i just wear what i like and what suits me.

For the name of this blog, i chose “StyleStealing” because most of the times, when i dress up i get inspired by the photos i found in various fashionblogs and magazines.
Then, i chose a style from a blog and another from the other and mix them together...
So this “StyleStealing” could mean “StyleInspiring”

and the reason of having this blog is very simple and simple...its for my Personal happiness and Want.
i love writing and taking photos, i think i could share something with other people through my blog.
and maybe we all could be friends :)