Leopard’s never boring.
On saturday, i told u that i would go to jj.
but my plan was changed, i intended to go to siam instead.
so i changed my shoes from oxfords to clogs.
then in the middle of the way, my bf’s dudes cancelled the meeting-up.
so we changed our plan again to go straight to a restaurant
where my bf would dine out with his college friends for a reunion party.
so that meant...i got dressed for this occasion? haha
and.....i so overdressed for this!! haha
can u imagine this outfit in BBQ restaurant? (moo-kra-ta) hmmm :P
but who cares? :D
now im interested in pleated maxi skirt.
(maxi again? am i considering myself a tall girl? :P)
i want one!! but in a cheap price :P
i hav been thinking of goin to Platinum for a while
but i rarely go there, i dunno if there are lots of cool stuffs..
afraid i would b disappointed.
but gotta try soon.
will update soon..
hav a good day byee!
oh.. enjoy nice weather in bkk guys cuz it would be a very short one!

h&m leopard blouse, topshop midi bodycon skirt, jeffreycampbell splendid clog heels

Poupe, if u r reading this, i’m sorry : (


  1. i love your H&M leopard blouse so much
    it looks gorgeous on you
    but do u have any idea where can i get one in bkk? thx! :)


  2. Sorry i dont know at all loey ja i bought this one last year in HK.
    but i hav seen the similar one in Zara. (but i think it might be sold out already a ka)


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