how diligent i am! i post quite daily :P
the reason is that i am so freee not that i dont like it! i Love it.
my uni is off for two weeks due to that fact that it hosts for unigames.
and a super diligent and enthusiastic student like me is beyond happy!
lately i havent done anything much (bad habit!)
just surfing thru tumblrs, i love tumblr, there are loads of cool pics there!
i wanna get one but it would be unnecessary to hav it cuz tumblr is like a blog.
and i already hav one!
anyway, if u hav loads of free time (like me) u can drop by tumblr
cuz there are tons of cool pics there. hope u enjoy!
my outfit from yesterday is Black.
this satchel bag has become my favourite now i carry it a lot!
cuz it can suit w many of my outfits. love it much.
now i’m off to jj byeeee

vintage chiffon black shirt from JJ, h&m rose-printed leggings, asos satchel, asos suede heels


  1. P'sugar, if u can choose one bag btw mulberry alexa or balenciaga! which one would you choose kaa??

    thanks :D

  2. of these two, i would choose (if i could :P) balenciaga in black ka.
    cuz not sure if alexa will suit my style :)
    i think balen does more to me!


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