Lucky + BeeBee

Jeffrey Campbell: Beebee

Let me introduce you my recent possession of Jeffrey Campbell shoes: The Leopard Beebee
At my very first sight, I HATED these shoes I thought they looked ugly and so impractical.
Never felt for any “flatforms” except for the Ad Long ones.
But... 2 weeks ago, I went to Villains store to window-shop
and to try on the Spiked Litas and I didn’t really know what was on me to try on the Beebees too.
The result was....I couldn’t stop thinking about Beebees that moment afterwards. Gee!
So...here they are...in my hands! haha
Cute, right?
Topshop Lucky crop top, American Apparel The Disco Pants in black, Jeffrey Campbell Leopard Beebee


  1. Love all your JC shoes <33

    What's your american apparel disco pants size?
    I want to order but I'm not sure about the size :S

  2. I've got XS in black and S in navy. :)
    I prefer XS, it fits better.

  3. Suay and look so comfy to walk with it naaaa miss sugar!

  4. I saw these in black suede in the store last week and oh my god I wanted them so badly!!!!! They look so good worn too. Would you say they're worth getting?

  5. really worth it!
    u should def buy them.
    they loook rly good on ur feet ! :D


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