Boyy Bag Slash Snow Leopard

Boyy Bag : Slash Snow Leopard in Earth

Yes! Finally, it’s mine.
You may have heard i babbled about this famous Slash bag by Boyy Bag.
Actually I fell in love with the python one Here
but it’s obvious that it’s too popular in Thailand that 
you can def bump into a lot of ppl carrying the same bag lol
So my decision went to the leopard. Here
I chose the earth color bcuz the black one appears to be too ‘rock’.
This earth color, i guess, could go well with much more outfits.
Love it?


  1. how much is it in thai baht ka?
    i want this same one but in black kaa

  2. Leopard chai pao ka? This collection?
    28900 baht ka

  3. where did u get it from ka? Chidlom??
    i'm desperate for this ... haha

  4. i got mine in black finally !
    loving it


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