The Look Makeup Tutorial

Today is such a free day of mine.
So.. what a girl does when she’s free? not much
reading good books maybe?, surfing the internet I guess? or listening to music?
or...finding inspiration about fashion, clothes, food n of course beauty!
I must confess that I am not very very very good at makeup 
(actually I don’t need to say ‘cuase its obvious, right? lol)
but I totally fall for every ‘The Look’ tutorial from Topshop.
These are my favorites, hope u like them too xo

1. ‘Grunge Rock’
I love how she does with the model’s eyes in the video
but I can’t help but think that it would look terribly awful for me n everyone else except this model! LOL

2. ‘Grunge Glamour’
I’m soooo in love with the lip colour. NEEED it asap!
btw, very nice hair!

3. ‘Perfectly Polished’
This is my favourite of the three. I think it could be great for everyday look. must try! :D

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