Lazy Day

Lazy Day at JJ Market

I spent my lazy Sunday with my boyfriend at JJ market.
We just walked around, killing time.
Nothing caught my eyes, which is good to me!! lol
Actually I didnt plan to go to JJ, as u can guess from my outfit,
its so... กรุยกรายยย (haha I LOVE this word.)
Well, finally I did, since we both really had nothing to do.
And luck was on me... (being sarcastic!)
cuz it rained even just before that it had been so sunny.
What a BKK weather? thanks.
and I had to be very careful so that my skirt wouldnt get wet or even damaged.
What’s more........I wore flats... and I’m sure u girls understood my feelings.
Anyway, its one of fav outfits! :D
and I’m glad I did put something out of my chest - complaining here eheh ^^
Oh I almost forgot to mention that I just had my hair cut (quite short)
good bye my blog jubu :3
gotta take this bus from parking lot to the market. :)
looking cute and yummy, isn’t it?
Thrifted jeans shirt from JJ market, American Apparel Accordion Pleated skirt in Almondine,
Topshop ballet flats in golden, Thrifted bag from Wunglung.

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  1. great pairing with the denim shirt! :)



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