BaanEkamai Grand Opening

as i’ve told u last time that i was going to the grand opening of the “new shopping place”,
which i just knew its name recently that it is “baanekamai”
also it has its own website > here BaanEkamai .
due to the fact that my boyfriend forgot the camera at home we couldn’t get to take any ‘nice’ photos.
so sorry for u guys but my photos instead laew gun haha
and also sorry for their quite poor quality :’(

For yesterday... so many coool people went there
everyone dressed up sooooo nice! chobbb ah! :)

o..it is such a short post.. hahah
will update again soon
i have to leave now in order to be a nerd for at least a week :P
hope y’all good luck w ur exammmmm
i’ll keep my fingers crossed for myself tooo :P

w p.pum the owner of cocue (i like her style sooooooo much! and the whole outfits she wore yesterday!)

what i wore yesterday... the skirt from Him&Her shop :D


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