The First Ever*

hi, my name is Sugar....and this is my first fashionblog if u wanna call it so haha..
but i think it is much more like my personal-style blog than fashionblog
cuz i’m quite not a person who follows the fashion trend... i just wear what i like and what suits me.

For the name of this blog, i chose “StyleStealing” because most of the times, when i dress up i get inspired by the photos i found in various fashionblogs and magazines.
Then, i chose a style from a blog and another from the other and mix them together...
So this “StyleStealing” could mean “StyleInspiring”

and the reason of having this blog is very simple and simple...its for my Personal happiness and Want.
i love writing and taking photos, i think i could share something with other people through my blog.
and maybe we all could be friends :)

for this first post.. i want to dedicate to my all-time-favourite muses. Let’s see!

1. Nicole Richie... i love her from “The Simple Life”, i started to like her style since SimpleLife season3-4(maybe)
wearing skinny jeans, flats, loads of accessories and big sunglasses,, so simple but gorgeous

2. Alexa Chung... i know this women bcuz i like her bf Alex Turner n then i utterly fell in love with her masculine-yet-feminine style.

3. Mary-Kate Olsen... who doesn’t like her? :P

4. Kate Lanphear... one word for her “ROCK”! Her rock style kills me! black outfits plus tons of rings and bracelets (ilovesomuch) Gorgeous!

bubbye <3

P.S. Feel Free to Comment (pls) :D

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  1. hey! sugar
    hahaha nice blog!
    I'll keep coming to see your blog
    They inspired your fashion, right?
    whoa awesome
    you look great in the leopard print skirt na
    good luck ja
    naenae <3


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