Merry Christmas

Did you enjoy your Christmas time? :D



Faux Fur

I wish i could wear faux-fur in Bangkok >.<


oh... u hav to click the button “CLICK HERE TO READ MORE” below to read the rest of the post.
i did this just to make the posts in the front page quite shorter.
bcuz i think its kinda too long due to the fact that i upload quite lots of photos.
then enjoy girls! :)


BaanEkamai Grand Opening

as i’ve told u last time that i was going to the grand opening of the “new shopping place”,
which i just knew its name recently that it is “baanekamai”
also it has its own website > here BaanEkamai .
due to the fact that my boyfriend forgot the camera at home we couldn’t get to take any ‘nice’ photos.
so sorry for u guys but my photos instead laew gun haha
and also sorry for their quite poor quality :’(

For yesterday... so many coool people went there
everyone dressed up sooooo nice! chobbb ah! :)

o..it is such a short post.. hahah
will update again soon
i have to leave now in order to be a nerd for at least a week :P
hope y’all good luck w ur exammmmm
i’ll keep my fingers crossed for myself tooo :P

w p.pum the owner of cocue (i like her style sooooooo much! and the whole outfits she wore yesterday!)


New Shopping Place

today i had a chance to go to a new shopping place at Thonglor.
bcuz my bf intended to buy a shirt. but of course we ended up with more than just a shirt.
this new shopping place contains 3 boutiques: Cocue, Heidi’s Secret and Him&Her.
In Cocue, the clothes are more like vintage, if u like vintage style u should go there.
there are clothes for both men and women.
and Heidi’s Secret, formerly at Siam.
lastly, Him&Her, its co(iguess)-owner is P’Paloy Horwang.
i love this boutique so much (n probably the most)
some clothes she designed herself and others are vintage (clothes are both for men and women)
u gotta come see them all urself and u will fall in love with them like i do.
oh and one thing.. the upper floor is an italian cafe which is not finished yet.
But all boutiques including the cafe will be officially opened this wednesday.
and i think i’ll go :) (and will take some nice photos toooo)




what do u think about the parka? (plus military? :P)

now its supposed to be winter in bangkok!
and its supposed to be, at least, a little bit cold!
but where is the breezing wind? hmmmm!!
i just wanna wear the jacket the blazer the parka...hm!!
so Mrs.Winter could pls at least visit bangkok for just a few days?
i wanna feel some so-called coldness.

Well, even though i can’t wear the jackets the parkas the blazers,(due to the hot weather in bangkok)
it doesn’t mean that i can’t enjoy seeing other people wearing them, right?
Now i’m also kinda..sometimes...not much...into the parka and the military looks. :D
so enjoy the pics ;)




its been a long while since i updated my blog and i feel like my blog starts to feel deserted.. haha
so i guess its time!
Right now, i kinda like maxi skirts and pencil skirts.

But....do u think they are weird?
i mean weird to wear in Bangkok? some people may say so...
cuz one day i wore my maxi skirt out - and that day i felt like a lot of people stared at me...
i dunno if those lookings were bad or good.

well, anyway... i like the skirt! i felt different when i wore it.
i think if i get bored of wearing shorts and jeans, wearing maxi (long-lenght) skirt can help! :D

from whowhatwear.com