X Mas Eve

X’ Mas’ Eve 2011 at The Nest, Le Fenix Hotel

I spent my Christmas’ eve at a nice cosmopolitan rooftop restaurant located in the heart of Bangkok,
“The Nest” at Le Fenix hotel.
I have never been there before and that day was my first time.
It was OK, not as good as I’d imagined.
maybe it’s because we didn’t get the ‘nest’ table.
(The ‘nest’ table is for 2-4 people and there’s a sofa so you can lie on)
But I went there with my almost 10 friends.
So, we had to take the large table.
Anyway, over all was kinda OK.
Also, that day was the 4th anniversary of me and my boyfriend! Yes on x’mas’ eve! How romantic! ^^
I’m so glad we’ve made it another year!

What he gave me! : )
What I gave him! self-wrapped present! : P
My favourite dish from this resto: local steak 
I really love how sparkling my dress is when it reflects to the flash.
This is how we read the menu! haha
Topshop velvet dress, Sisiree clutch, YSL arty oval ring in Purple

Photos taken by my friend Tantham, my boyfriend and me.

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  1. I LOVE your friends short reddish hair! It's gorgeous!


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