New Items: Spiked Collar and Sisiree Bag

New items from Mynddck's and Sisiree

I've been wishing to "diy" the spiked collar for ages!
but.. due to my laziness, i never began haha
Fortunately, my sister "Mind" has it for sale, and its really cool
it can make ur simple outfit more outstanding, like simply chic!
If you wanna grab it, check her facebook page HERE!
You can find loads of cool stuffs there, both new and secondhand.

and Another of my recent purchases that I really proudly present is..
the geometric bag from my sister "Ployja"'s brand SISIREE.
been in waiting list for months, yes months! (part of it was the flood situation)
There are 2 sizes, the normal one and the mini one.
Since I am quite short myself, I picked the mini one.
and it is really nice, suits most of the outfits, yea simply cool!
And...if you like it, you can check her facebook page HERE!
Order it as fast as you can, 'cuz I've heard that she will launch a new collection,
in other words, there won't be this collection anymore.
Act quick! I know you're gonna loooove it!
After finishing this post, I feel like I became a PR or something...
haha no no, believe me I'm not but I can't resist myself from showing these to you guys 
hope you like them too ^^
Zara snake-print top, American Apparel Riding Pants, Topshop flats
Spiked Collar from Mynddck's and bag from Sisiree

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  1. hey.
    just wanted to say that you're gorgeous.
    what's yr height & weight btw?

  2. Hi thanks a lot im so flattered. I m 161cm n 45kg :)


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