Color Me

Color Me for Summer :)
oh myyyy.. laziness is alll over my body.
i am sooooo lazyyy. dont wanna do anything at all.
a few days ago i wanted to write a new post but i kept postponing :P
how lazy! and i thought about what i was gonna write
and now i Totally forgot. blame on my laziness x_x
Well, as u can see i finally wear pleated skirt.
if im not wrong. i remembered mentioning it once that i wanted one.
and i accidentally got this one at Topshop. (cuz i didnt plan to do ANY shopping
due to my empty bank account (poor me) T^T)
but i can't resist (really)
when u think of pleated midi or maxi skirt, u will think of aunti-granny look right?
But.. this one combine the sense of sexiness with "that auntie-granny look" :P
cuz its c-thru :P i love it. sooooo comfy.
i can't wait to show u my new and first DIY shoes
and i can say that they are super duper COOL!
i will show u on friday!!!!! promise x
today's bkk weather is sooooooooo gooood.
hope u sooo enjoy ur day like i do
Topshop tshirt(verycomfy). Topshop pleated midi skirt. Steve Madden boot heels. Asos men belt


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