The Disco Pants

The New Favourite Trousers :)

i had had an eye on these pants for a looong time. (seriously)
but i couldn’t find a way to hav them 
cuz American Apparel just didn’t ship to Thailand anymore.
and i feel sad about it cuz AA is one of my fav brand so far.
however, i was lucky enough to hav someone buy them.
and i just received the American Apparel Disco Pants in navy blue!
when i first laid my hands on them, i was so worried cuz i think they were a bit big for me.
i also was worried that they might not be tight enough.
but after i had them washed one time. they shrank a bit.
and i’m completely in love with them. i got a lot of compliments too!!
and i can say that they are the most comfortable high-waisted trousers ever.
(and now i want the black ones! haha never enough? :S)

 Topshop tee, American Apparel The Disco Pants, Jeffrey Campbell Role heels, Zara sling bag


  1. I love your dresss<3

  2. i hope you get this comment, how did you wash them? i have no idea how to wash mine and i want them to shrink a little like you said yours did.. thanks!

  3. O.
    actually I just threw them in the washing machine. :P
    and they did shrink a bit .. not much.

    i’m not sure if this gonna help but u could try... >>wash them much often,
    it might shrink i guess.. but thats just what i think tho ;)

    [now i think im gonna buy a smaller size :P]

    1. Can i ask.......... What size of this one?
      i wanna buy one but not sure what size should i buy.
      Thank you

  4. Please be informed that i have one piece for American Apparel Disco Pant but i can't were this cos for short i have black one size xs i need to sell for anyone who want it please tell me by my cell-phone 086-999-2455 Amp. Thank for your kindness.

  5. How did you go about shrinking them? How did you wash the pants to make them shrink?

  6. Love this outfit... came across your blog by googling "washing American apparel disco pants" ha ha lucky i did .. love it


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