Girls’ Best Friends

lately (or forever?) i have been so into jewelry.. not that kind of girly diamond, flowers, birds like manita amanita’s not because they aren’t beautiful, actually they ARE, but because they are SO NOT me!  so what i like are silver rings, spiky studded bracelets etc.. sth like that...

i love wearing “too many” rings and bracelets..
one day my friends asked me how many rings i wore in one hand
i said “7, but that was just ‘bao-bao’” haha
some people may say...less is more but to me.. MORE IS MORE
is jewelry great? u can wear as many rings or bracelets as u like...but can u carry more than 3 bags per time? :p haha dont think so...

let me show u what kind of jewelry that i’ve been into recently...



The First Ever*

hi, my name is Sugar....and this is my first fashionblog if u wanna call it so haha..
but i think it is much more like my personal-style blog than fashionblog
cuz i’m quite not a person who follows the fashion trend... i just wear what i like and what suits me.

For the name of this blog, i chose “StyleStealing” because most of the times, when i dress up i get inspired by the photos i found in various fashionblogs and magazines.
Then, i chose a style from a blog and another from the other and mix them together...
So this “StyleStealing” could mean “StyleInspiring”

and the reason of having this blog is very simple and simple...its for my Personal happiness and Want.
i love writing and taking photos, i think i could share something with other people through my blog.
and maybe we all could be friends :)